DeviceTrack FAQ's


Question: What versions of Windows does Support?
Answer: Windows 8 (all), Windows 7 (all), Windows Vista (all), Windows XP (all)
Question: Does my Laptop need GPS to be located accurately?
Answer: NO. You only need a wifi (wireless) card to track a laptop. Nearly all laptops produced in the last 7 years have come with built in Wifi capability. This is all you need for full laptop protection. Devicetrack's Wifi tracing software uses an extensive network of Wifi hotspots to locate your laptop to wthin a few feet, sometimes even closer. Its accuracy is spooky in both rural and urban areas
Question: How can Wifi be used to track my device so accurately?
Answer: There's a lot that goes into the real-time "track laptop" component, but in a nutshell,'s technology measures the Wifi signal-strength from multiple signal sources near your laptop, it then uses this data to pinpoint your laptop. This data is translated into GPS coordinates which then displays the laptop's location on an easy-to-read Google Map.  Google "street view" will show you a snapshot of the specific building (house, office, etc.) where your laptop is currently located, along with GPS coordinates for even better mapping.  Furthemore, you can click on an "update" button mutliple times to see the laptop's change of location in real time. Laptop Tracking is in real-time.
Question: Is available for Apple?
Answer:  Sorry. Not at this time, but we are working on a laptop protection (stolen laptop) solution at this time.
Question: How many laptops can I monitor with my software?
Answer: includes support for up to 3 laptops.
Question: Are there any additional fees for locating my lost laptop?
Answer:   No. You just buy the software and install it on the laptop you want to track. The software is good for 1 year and includes all updates and upgrades. There are no stolen laptop recovery fees of any kind.
Question:  What should I do if I lose my laptop?
Answer: Simply use any internet connected computer, login to your customer portal with the username and password provided to you upon purchase. Upon logging in, you will be presented with the full capabilities of the protection suite; Download and delete any personal and private information,  locate and lock the device, etc.... All of the tools are available to you at all times. In a suspected theft (stolen laptop) case, we strongly suggest involving the local police so that they can use the tools to promptly recover your laptop. We do not condone or recommend recovering your own stolen property. Please call the Police so they can intervene on your behalf.
Question:  Will the thief know that I am tracking him and downloading things from my laptop? In other words, can he see what I am doing when I am connected to my laptop through
Answer: No. Part of the laptop protection software includes is an option to run in "stealth" mode. This means that the software will run in the background without anyone knowing that you are busy downloading your files, locating your laptop, sounding the alarm , taking snapshots of the thief, locking it, etc...
Question: What if I need help using my software. Will you provide support?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.  We have staff on duty to answer any questions you have about using the software, installing it, password assistance, etc.. Your customer portal has step-by-step instructions and a help desk link to contact us for any issue that may require special assistance.
Question: What if I have a question that isn't listed here?
Answer: If you have any questions about laptop security, please reach us at support @ devicetrack . net


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