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(Sale Price Valid Only On )'s Laptop Tracking Software allows you to keep track of your laptop and recover it, in the event of it being stolen or misplaced. It is lightweight software that gives you full and remote access to your laptop, 24/7 from any internet connected PC and the Customer Portal.



  • LOCATION TRACKINGLOCATION TRACKING's Location Tracking technology makes it easy to locate a stolen laptop and protect you in case of PC theft. With's revolutionary Geolocation feature, you’ll be able to instantly locate your stolen computer on a map no matter where it goes. No GPS is required. In fact, it is more accurate than GPS in most areas, uses wi-fi hot spots for tracking your PC instead of an IP address and can locate a computer to within 25 feet, sometimes even closer!


    At your command, can take snapshots of everything the thief does while using your laptop. From every email they send or receive to the IM conversation they engage in, the websites they visit, and any usernames and passwords they type, everything will be captured by the tracking software. This information often contains personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, etc. Because this information is so revealing, it can be used to get law enforcement involved in your PC theft case and significantly increase your chances of successfully recovering your laptop.


    Take a picture of the thief with your laptop's webcam so you know what the thief looks like and where they are hiding. Powerful evidence that can be used by law enforcement to recover your property. 

  • KEY LOGGINGKEY LOGGING grabs a screenshot of the stolen PC's active session -- if you're lucky you may catch the thief logged into his email or Facebook account! This is information that can be provided to law enforcement to recover your device.

  • FILE TRACKINGFILE TRACKING's muli-layered computer protection software let's you remote download any file from the stolen device. When you are done downloading your private files, they can be deleted from the stolen device so the thief will not have access to your information. This is a powerful tool that will protect you against the potential harm of computer theft.

  • ENCRYPTED REPORTSENCRYPTED REPORTS files and reports are encypted for your privacy. Any information that is sent to and from your stolen PC to is encryptyed and password protected.



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